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Halloween Cosplay Mask


Due to the flexible design, the size can be adjusted according to the head shape.
This mask is well-made and practical, which can add the Halloween atmosphere very well.
Made of high-quality plastic materials, environmentally friendly and durable.
The mask is suitable for Halloween, family, outdoor, party, etc.

Product Information:

Product name: Luminous mask (a lot of money)
Product size: length 22*width 17*height 9.5CM
Total product: 100g/set (without batteries)
Product features: Standard models: always on + slow flashing + fast flashing + off Voice control models: always on + slow flashing + voice control + off (the default price is standard voice control models Plus 2 Yuan)

Product voltage: Standard model: 3VAA No. 5 battery Voice control model: 3VAAA No. 7 battery (the product does not contain batteries, you need to bring your own)

Packing List: