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Glowing Cosplay Masks



SUITABLE FOR ANY OCCASION: Surprise your friends and spread terror in your streets with this Halloween mask. Masquerade mask for women and men is perfect for Halloween, costume party, masquerade party, rave party and carnival.

Poppy mask playtime Gaming costume Masks are made of hard plastic, which is Lightweight, sturdy, easy to wear, adjustable, has no smell, and harmless.

Scary Huggy Wuggy Face mask is compatible with masquerade parties, Halloween Christmas day anime cosplay shows diffuse exhibition parties.

1 style: blue luminous blue wave ratio
2 Styles: Red Glowing Blue Bobbi
3 styles: fluorescent green luminescent blue wave ratio
4 Styles: Pink Glowing Blue Bobbi
5 Styles: Orange Glowing Blue Bobby
6 Styles: Yellow Glowing Blue Bobbi
7 Styles: Purple Glowing Blue Bobbi
8 Styles: Emerald Green Glowing Blue Bobbi
9 Styles: Ice Blue Luminous Blue Bobbi
10 Style: White Luminous Blue Bobbi
11 Style: Blue Glowing Powder Bobbi
12 Styles: White Luminous Black Bobbi
13 styles: upper and lower blue + red
14 styles: upper and lower green + red
15 styles: upper and lower ice blue + red
16 styles: upper and lower ice blue + orange
17 styles: upper and lower ice blue + green
18 styles: upper and lower ice blue + pink
19 styles: upper and lower ice blue + purple
20 styles: cross section blue + red
21 style: cross section green + red
22 style: cross ice blue + red
23 styles: cross ice blue + orange
24 styles: cross ice blue + green
25 styles: cross ice blue + pink
26 styles: cross ice blue + purple