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Inflatable Halloween Party Costumes


These Halloween Costumes are made of polyester, durable, waterproof, and breathable, so there is no need to worry about tears or holes.

the Costume is verry easy to wear, comfortable and convenient whether it is walking, dancing, sitting, or standing.

With the help of the fan, the costume can fully inflate the less than 1 minute. Verry easy to 

Instructions for use: After putting it on, you need to lock the buckles on the feet and waist to inflate. Install the battery in the battery box. Turn on the switch of the battery box. After a few minutes, the clothes can be fully charged.


Item type: Cartoon Doll Costume
Material: cloth
Size:one size
Size: free size, suitable for 1.68-1.85 meters tall, unlimited weight and waist circumference
Material: waterproof polyester fabric  


1 inflatable suit, 1 fan, 1 battery box (without batteries, 4 AA batteries are required)