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Color Copying Chameleon Lamp


This Color Copying Chameleon Lamp has energy-saving and eye-protecting LEDs create a uniform, flicker-free night light that won't harm your eyes. The understated intention views fashionable in any situation. Intended for children and infants to discover and operate at night, change the diaper, feed the baby so as not to disturb the baby, can adjust the brightness to be more colorful or darker. The 3D visible creative lamp is an innovative decorative atmosphere light, only use a 3D acrylic piece to create a charming 3D stereoscopic visual decoration and lighting effects, seems glowing and full of personality, good illumination effect and full of dazzling and high temperature survive, secure to apply.

  • Can quickly be removed into another shelf or other furniture
  • The lights transmitted easily blend in, into its surroundings
  • Variations color to match its surroundings


  • Color copying chameleon lamp dynamically matches the color of whatever surface he sits on
  • Powered by AC adapter (adapter not include,DC cord include) or 3 AAA batteries(batteries not include)
  • Color cycle mode moves through various colors automatically
  • Squeeze Huey and he'll pause on the current color
  • Color Copying Chameleon Lamp
  • Soft vinyl construction