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Halloween Led Glowing Mask


The light is uniform and gentle, no flicker, it would hurt the eyes.
Can emit light in various shapes, can be bent to fit the shape of the product and even foldable.
The LED Mask is safe to use, would not do any harm to the human body.
Low power consumption, even the battery is low there will still be lights.


  • Product Material: Environmentally friendly PVC 
  • Drive material: ABS plastic 
  • Face color: white
  • Drive color: black 
  • Product Size: Mask: 19*27*10cm 
  • Drive: 3*2*9cm (normal battery box drive, drive not at the waist or in the pocket) Use voltage: DC3v 
  • Product function: always bright - slow flash - fast flash (ordinary drive) / always bright one flashing - voice control (sound control drive), voice control more expensive 2 yuan Power Battery: 2 AA (5) batteries (ordinary drive) / 2 AAA (7) batteries

Package Content:

1 x LED Mask