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Wine Bottle Pourers Stainless Steel Liquor Pour Spout Flip Olive Oil Bottle Tapered


They fit a huge number of various bottles, olive oil bottles, Easy to eliminate and supplant, basically hand wash in foamy water, and you'll be prepared to utilize once more. Proficient barkeep apparatus. Postulations ramble pourer for alcohol soul wine liquor offers brisk, control, precision, and the most entirely predictable pour speed without fail. Mainstream use in the home, kitchen, cafés, coffeehouses, bar, dance club, mixed drink bar. Give it a shot on containers of soul, olive oil, cooking oil, vinegar, alcohols, whiskey, wine, juice, dish cleanser, and others like l beam apportioning jug or syrup bottle.

  •  Theses spout pourer for liquor spirit wine alcohol offers quick, control, accuracy, and the most perfectly consistent pour speed every time.
  • Made of ABS,silicone, food grade material and non-rust.
  • Silicone cork sealing for various sizes of bottle.


  • Characteristic : Environmentally friendly
  • Characteristic : Filled in
  • Bar tools type : Mouth of Wine Bottles
  • Certification : CE / EU
  • Diameter : <5cm>