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LumiCharge The Ultimate Wireless Lamp & Charger

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🌟 Radiant Light Design: Enjoy soft and glare-free light thanks to our natural silicone lampshade, creating a soothing ambiance for reading or relaxing.

🔌 Wireless Charging: Say goodbye to tangled cords! This modern lamp comes with a built-in QI wireless charger, perfect for charging your phone conveniently.

🌈 Customizable Colors: Set the mood with 10 different color options, including flowing lights and static colors. Personalize your space with ease.

💡 Adjustable Brightness: Easily switch between low, medium, and high brightness levels by touching the lamp arm, catering to your specific needs.

⏰ Smart Alarm Clock: Wake up gently with our intuitive alarm clock. Set your wake-up time and snooze with a simple touch for an extra 10 minutes of sleep. Start your day with ease and comfort.

Upgrade your bedside experience with our all-in-one lamp! 🛏️💫