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Multitool Multipurpose Stainless Steel Pliers Knife and Saw Folding Spring Loaded Multifunction Tool with Pocket

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Our multi function pliers' tools are tailored specifically to the needs of the most demanding users. Sharp edge patterns are bigger, so you can get to devices all the more immediately in any event, when wearing work gloves. The wire cutters can be removed and sharpened with the tool's own file. The pliers are the strongest that Leatherman has ever produced. Multitool knife pliers can be locked on a multi-tool, including the nipper. When folded completely, there are no sharp edges; the round and smooth edges give you the most important safety care.

  • All little instruments  could be folded effectively without assuming a lot of position
  • The handle of pocket pliers multi-tool is made of stainless steel
  • The outdoors device is solid, wear-safe, and agreeable to hold


Size:2.8 inch,

material:stainless steel

that has 9 function in one