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Flame Humidifier

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The Essential Oil Humidifier can help eliminate the dryness in your home and imitate the flame lighting effect and the healing jellyfish smoke ring. It uses ultrasonic vaporization technology to achieve silent work, eliminating the noise of high-speed fan blowing. The 2/8 hours timing settings and automatic power off when water is used up will automatically turn off the power when water is used up and protect your family’s health.

The Essential Oil Humidifier Volcano is a bedside essential for your sleep. The healing jellyfish smoke ring effect removes dryness from the air and creates a calming ambiance during your sleep or meditation.

This aromatherapy humidifier features a calming volcano-shaped design, which makes it the perfect gift for any occasion. This essential oil diffuser features a realistic, oil-like fog effect with a built-in aroma diffuser that simulates smoke rings from the center of your flower vase. It's an ideal humidifier for small rooms or to add inspiration to your office, bedroom, or home.