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UV Light Sanitizer Disinfection Light Germicidal lamp Ozone Sterilizer

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1. The capacity of 38 W is suitable for 10-25 sqm space, living room, bedroom and other household space, 15min rapid sterilization and disinfection.

2. Germicidal light produces the-ozone during work. the-Ozone can sterilize places where ultraviolet light cannot reach, but the-ozone is harmful to the human body. After disinfection, room needs ventilation of 60 minutes. 

3. There are two types of control methods available.

4. Use UVC sterilizer light, 360 ° degrees wider beam angle, it completely Removes Odors and Dust Particles, effectively improve your living environment.

5. The widened and thickened base for more stable standing.Product Name: germicidal light


Chroma: blue
Weight: 950 g
Size 200 x 140 x 32 mm
Rated power 38W
Rated voltage 110v
Rated frequency 60HZ
Control Method: timer/remote control
Material: ABS+quartz
Package Size: 230 x 160 x 45 mm